"Combining Broadway bravado with traditional singer/ songwriter personality, Vicki Levy took to The Triad's stage last Saturday night and shined... Vicki opened her semi-autobiographical musical with Faith Hill's "One". She and her band, precise and snap-tight in their accompaniment, continued with a blend of original and cover songs interspersed with monologues explaining in a manner of ways The Trouble With Love... Musically and vocally the night was near perfect... An emotional highpoint of the evening occurred during "Tragedy" when composer/pianist Rob LaRocco led the audience in clapping along to the upbeat number. At that moment there was a heartfelt and musical connection between artist and audience... The musical cleanliness helped make Levy's voice the true star of Trouble. She sings powerfully, with an impressive depth of a singer who should be showcased prominently in a major Broadway cast... Once again connecting with the crowd, Vicki discussed her involuntary romantic solitude (of which the men in the audience are probably still pondering the causes). Her audience became rapt in her introspection... Building upon the crowd's focus she shared that she is originally from South Africa, at which point "The Click Song" began. While singing what we all know as lyrics, Levy incorporated vocal clicking from an indigenous language in her homeland (men and women alike are probably also still pondering this technique). "The Click Song" clearly marked the pinnacle of the show. Its personal story, intriguing technique and perhaps Levy's most confident moment of the night brought about rousing applause. Vocally she is versatile, powerful and capable of pulling off many styles...a burgeoning singer/songwriter on the horizon. Following her other strength, should she decide to more fervently pursue a career on Broadway her ability to capture a songwriter's technical reproduction is undeniably impressive."

           - Wiley Koepp - Coyote Music

"Absolutely great!  What a voice!  She's as beautiful as she is talented!"

           - Linda Church - WB11 Morning News, New York City

"Vicki Levy performs "The Trouble With Love" to packed house at TRIAD siren Vicki Levy followed up her one-woman show "MEN" with "The Trouble With Love" at the Triad on May 5th and 8th to packed houses. With a soaring voice, Levy brought warmth and spirit to songs both familiar and original. Highlights included the "Click" song (a South African Wedding song), "The Best is Yet to Come" and Rob LaRocco and Sam Austin's "Rainmaker"."

           - Craig Brockman -

"But you certainly notice when someone's got some talent. Vicki Levy (she's got a show in the city) got a big hand for Fontella Bass's "Rescue Me."

           - Baylis Greene - The East Hampton Star

"... a well-tailored voice with more than modest flair... the reasons for her seasoning became apparent: She's been around as a performer... and knows how to handle a mic..."
- David Finkle - Back Stage   

“Rob LaRocco has done it again! Rob is the songwriter/musical director who brought to cabaret the beautiful vocals of such wonderful singers as Marcus Simeone and Eva Ladas. Vicki Levy, who recently appeared at DON'T TELL MAMA (343 West 46th Street, NYC - 1-212-757-0788 - has Rob as her musical director, and once again the LaRocco magic is a work. Ms. Levy has a sparkling personality, and vocals that fill the room with exquisite sound. Her physical beauty is obvious, so it is no wonder that her show had a travel theme that spotlighted a romantic interlude in various cities around the world. Born in Toronto, and living in Johannesburg and Dallas, and finally settling in NYC, Ms. Levy also took us on visits to San Francisco, Atlanta and other locales in her search for the perfect partner. Along the way she described the qualifications she was looking for ("Any Man of Mine") and a few dates that failed to meet them ("Something I Thought I'd Never Do"). But the star of the show was Ms. Levy's vocals - so clean, so pure and so lovely to listen to.”

           - Stu Hamstra -